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With (MM2H) Program make Second Home Malaysia and lead a tranquil life

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program has already received 30,000 applications from people around the world since its launch more than a decade back. Most of these people are retirees. While many plan to relocate and settle here permanently, others are looking forward to spend some quality time for an extended period in this country.

Among the applicants, there are many who used to work in this country itself. They liked this country so much since it offered the kind of lifestyle they wanted that they took the decision beforehand to retire in Malaysia. A good thing about this program is that people below retirement age can also stay here. Moreover, people who work outside Singapore but wanted to have a base here also applied for MM2H.

It is worth mentioning that MM2H is the best long stay program in the whole of Asia. It may not be a Permanent Residency program but it is no less than the same. This can be stated because the government of Malaysia gives assurance to all applicants that after a period of 10 years, their visas would be renewed. They would just need to follow the program’s rules set by the government to get temporary Malaysia residency.

A combination of good services, great infrastructure and affordable cost of living in Malaysia are reasons enough for more and more people to take advantage of this program. In fully developed countries, the pension that retirees draw covers only the basic cost of living, whereas with the same amount a person can enjoy a high standard of living in Malaysia.

It is true that the cost can vary from person to person. However, still, a person can easily lead a comfortable life with RM 5,000 a month in Malaysia. This amount would cover holiday cost, and property expense as well along with the living costs. There are many who spend a few months in Malaysia and fly back to their own countries to escape the chilly winters. These people have made Malaysia second home.

Malaysia Calling- MM2H is for Everybody to Apply

Staying here all year long has added advantage. A person can get the permission to avoid any taxes in his home country with a little help from the Malaysian government. Moreover, there is a material advantage as well, since Malaysia does not levy any taxes on foreign remittance.

One of the most important things that concerns elderly people is medical care. However, with several internationally (ISO) certified hospitals available in Malaysia offering first-class care, there is no need to panic. Moreover, the local doctors are quite inexpensive here as compared to doctors’ charges in highly developed countries. It is also quite fast and easy to get medical attention and gain access to specialists in Malaysia.

It has been a trend with people who chose second home Malaysia as their retirement abode to be very happy with their decision. There have been no or very few instances of people changing their mind to settle here and going back to their native country.

If you are looking for a retirement place, there can be nothing better than settling in Malaysia. Immigration Malaysia has never been so easy before. To apply for MM2H, take the services of Comfort Life Corporation and you would never regret your decision. is your one stop shop to settle in Malaysia and enjoy a life full of enjoyment and pleasure.

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"Eddie Teoh was extremely helpful in assisting us throughout our MM2H application. Our circumstances meant that we felt that we might face difficulties but Eddie provided sound advice and guidance - our application was processed and accepted without delay. Even after succeeding in our application we faced an unavoidable delay in relocating but Eddie worked closely with us to apply for an extension. At every stage he was supportive and went out of his way to help us. There is no doubt in our mind that without his assistance we would not have found the process so easy."

David Haggett